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The Best Miami Disc Jockey For Your Wedding

Miami Disc Jockey For Your Wedding

There are numerous DJs all over the world who offer their services to those who are getting married. Since this is one of the most treasured days of a person's life, it's crucial that you sift through the available options to find the best one.

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Creating A List for Wedding Dj
The first thing you should do when you are on your quest for the perfect DJ is place your focus on making a list. This will eventually thin out as you cross off those who are not ideal, so make sure that you begin with a fairly large number. You should view comments on the Internet from brides, talk to friends who have gotten married in the past few years and speak to other vendors who you have hired to help with the wedding festivities. Once you have compiled a list of at least 10-15 names, it is time to start narrowing it down.

Asking The Right Questions

You can cross a few names off the list right away if you make it a point to ask these five questions:

- Are you available on the day I am getting married?

If you have already selected your date and it is set in stone, asking this question will help you reduce the possibilities. As soon as someone says they are busy that day, it will make the list much easier to manage.

- How many weddings have you been a part of?

It is not really necessary to hire someone who only does weddings, but you should try leaning toward those with experience. Having someone DJ at a club for a Halloween bash is certainly not the same as preparing a solid playlist for a wedding. Ideally, they should have done at least 50-100 weddings in the past.

- Do you have any footage to show me?

Many DJs prove their skills by showing videos of them in action. Watching them at a wedding will give you a glimpse into their particular style. It is typically easy to tell right away if someone is not going to be a great fit.

- How much do you charge?

This should not be the first question you ask, but it obviously matters. Every couple is not working with the same budget, and it is your responsibility to make sure that they are in your price range. You don't want to get excited and move someone to the front of the line before realizing that you cannot afford to pay their fees.

- Can you describe a memorable moment you have had at a wedding?

You are probably wondering what kind of question this is, but it is key when you are seeking a Miami disc jockey. The reason you must ask this is to get an idea of whether the person in question is the kind who badmouths clients behind their backs. If you are told a story that has negative connotations, it would be best to look for someone else to work with since this DJ is not a true professional.

Allow Your Instincts To Kick In

By this point, you probably only have a few names left on the list. This is when you will have to use your senses to determine which option is best. This is the tricky part, especially when all of the candidates seem to be so evenly matched. Consider the vibe you had with each person when you met them. This is the key to figuring out which option to go with.

Get Everything In Writing

Never move forward without getting everything on paper. From the hours they should be at the venue to the number of songs they are planning to play, everything needs to be detailed. Even if you believe that a person is trustworthy, it would be unwise to move forward without a contract. This will be a lifesaver if something goes wrong later.

Hiring the wrong wedding disc jockey can make your day memorable for all of the wrong reasons. Use this guide if you want to assure you make the best choice.

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The Best Miami Disc Jockey For Your Wedding

Miami Disc Jockey For Your Wedding There are numerous DJs all over the world who offer their services to those who are getting married. ...